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bancroft sasquatchQuite a few of our customers have blogs of their own. Here’s one called Rivers of Reckoning by Ian Bancroft. Check out this post, Night Blindness and Sasquatch Sightings. Its about a subject we don’t often hear much about – night fishing.


  1. Ian, night fishing nicely described. My experience is limited, mostly in large lakes from the comfort of a boat but your comments about more fish rings true. The one truly exciting yet scary night fishing experience I had was about 10 years ago in Gasparilla Sound on the south Florida Gulf Coast. Fishing for snook from a kayak on a moonlight night along docks was a real eye opener. Even with the moon, once you got away from any light source, your world shrunk to the end of your nose. I can remember paddling across several miles of open water at 2 AM, lightening putting on a show out in the Gulf, barely being able to see my guide’s kayak 25 yards in front of me. As we crossed shallow eel grass flats they were alive with red fish, spotted sea trout and other fish. They would be invisible in daylight, but felt perfectly safe roaming the grass and potholes in the dark. It became evident why you wouldn’t ever want to try and fish these flats in the dark–sharks (3-5′) and rays were also roaming around. Night fishing, not for the faint of heart.

  2. Glad you enjoyed, thanks for reading! Not so sure I would be able to brave shark infested waters…freshwater holds enough surprises!


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