Guest Blogger: Gerald Nilsen, Moorhead, MN

We recently had a new family move to our church from Missouri. I usually try to connect with new families somehow to make sure that they feel welcome. Needless to say, I was very excited to hear that the father and the oldest son (age 21) fly fished. It is winter now and very little fly fishing can be done. I normally use the time to catch up on my fly tying.
I tied up four streamers: two flash fry in pink; one on a # 4x – #2 hook and another on a 4x – # 6 hook. These work well up here (Fargo ND area) for bass and northern pike.  One streamer was a black leech pattern on a 4x – #6 hook and the other was a fox fur streamer on a 3x – #8 hook (great for crappies). I gave these four flies to the young man. The rest of the family crowded in. Dad said, ‘Oh Jordan, big brown trout love leeches.’ Mom looked at all four of the flies and the delighted expression on her son’s face and said, ‘that’s the nicest thing that anyone has ever done for my son.’

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