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amadou-fly-dryer-large-best-hareline cropFrom Guest Blogger: Jeff Jordon

I have always had issues with flies tied with CDC. They are beautiful and float like a dream until a dreaded riffle swamps the fly. Now drenched, I retrieve it and begin the ritual of drying – by rubbing it on my shirt, blowing on it – thinking I’ve done an effective job. I then put it my desiccant, shake it and await the results. What appears is my former nice looking fly, now matted with desiccant caked into the CDC.

A friend of mine suggested the ‘Amadou Patch’. I’m sorry, I replied, I thought you said fungus… That was almost two years ago. Amadou (yes it is a fungus) is a fantastic ‘discovery’ for the fly fishing world. It dries CDC (and other dries) extremely well. It is a snap to apply a silica desiccant and the fly is back on the water quickly. It is pricey, but so are store bought flies if you’re not a tier.

Bottom line: a great product that works as advertised! I’m even OK with fungus hanging off my vest.

NOTE from J. Stockard: We don’t stock Amadou Patches but we guess we need to reconsider that! If you want to read more about amadou, check out this short article at Wikipedia.

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