We are very pleased with the participation for our First Annual Fly Tying Contest! There were many amazing and unique entries. You guys and gals are fantastically talented and creative tyers! It took our Pro Tyers some time to decide the top three in each of the categories – dry, nymph, streamer and other.

Once we named the winners in each category, we then had our Pros vote on the top overall winner. That selection is James Lund’s Spent Oragami Caddis. His dry fly is our pick for the overall winner of the entire contest. Well done James! You can follow James on Instagram @onceandaway.

We want to thank everyone who tied a fly and entered the contest. Thank you all!

Below are the winners in each category.

The top three winners in the dry fly category are:

1. James Lund @onceandaway
2. Lee Barbee @redwhiteblueflies
3. James St. Clair @509flies

James Lund
Lee Barbee
James St.Clair

The top three winners in the nymph fly category are:

1. Hugo Harlin @hugo.harlin
2. Chris Kirchermeier @chris_k_flytying
3. Vladimir Trampa @vtrampa_fly_

Hugo Harlin
Chris Kirchermeier
Vladimir Trampa

The top three winners in the streamer fly category are:

1. Jeff Thompson @jeff_picz
2. Jeff Rowley @or80rowley
3. Jason Driver @bluejayflies

Jeff Thompson
Jeff Rowley
Jason Driver

The top three winners in the other fly category are:

1. Derek Hathazy @0nthefly
2. Jeremy Anderson @hacklejob
3. Courtney Morris @sculpinarmy

Derek Hathazy
Jeremy Andersen
Courtney Morris


  1. all of them are great looking imitations. can you tell me what cameras and lenses were used to take the pictures, i would have liked to join into the contest, but lack the photographic skills

  2. It looks like “whatever catches fish” is not quite the pinnacle of artistry I took it for up to now…these flies are spectacular. I think I’d sooner toss my mobile phone into the drink on a string than risk dousing or bruising one of these brilliant creations. I salute the winners–truly magnificent work.

    – Mike

  3. The fly-tying contest was highly successful, but unfortunately unfair! First, a person had to be able to hold a camera without shaking or photographing his own nose. Second, there was no “baffling knot of absurd materials” category.

    Can we have a “worst laughable duds from the vise” contest now? I want a shot at a crown.

    – Mike

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