BGT_Feature_00_nGuest Blogger: Dennis Pastucha

Hi All, I wanted to share a product I’ve come to really use and enjoy. It’s a BugLit LED Micro Flashlight from a company called Niteize. It’s small, super bright, has options for blinking lights in case of an emergency and can be bended and molded to fit a variety of situations. I’ve used it for my lumber pack in low light, on my hat, wrapped around a tree branch to help me see a fly I’m tying on a tippet in low light and even at my tying table.

Niteize also makes a lot of other quality gear such as carbiners and bendable gear ties, which I also carry on and in my pack. The bendable gear ties saved the day when my tippet holder broke. Check them out. Tight lines!

Note from J. Stockard: Hey Dennis, thanks for bringing this cool tool to our attention. Looks like you even wrap it around a vise stem for fly tying.  We’ve contacted Niteize and maybe you’ll find some of their products on our site soon!

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