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closing the loop copyFrom Guest Blogger: Tom Lipscomb

It’s not as if we need to do everything “Fly Fishy”, but on the other hand… there is something special about landing a fish on a fly that came from your vise.  For those of you who don’t tie, it’s really worth doing.  I have trouble getting to good water as often as I’d like, so when I’m suffering from withdrawals, I go to my vise.  There is something incredibly relaxing about sitting at the vise at night.  All of the day’s problems seem somehow less important, and looking at a tiny parachute ready to add to the collection in my box, takes me away to a place and time where I’d rather be.

I’ve been tying for… well forever.  I have more stuff than comfortably fits in the allotted space in my small house, but in reality you don’t need all that much (please don’t tell my wife).  If you have never tied before (or tried a really long time ago) here’s what I’d do.  You need to start with a pretty good vice.  Then go to You Tube and type in one of your go-to patterns.  Start there…  You can’t beat the simplicity and effectiveness of a Jimmy Legs, but it can be any of the patterns you have confidence in that isn’t too complex.  The instructional videos shared by fellow fly tiers are great.  I’ve improved in the last few years as much as I did in the first 30, thanks to all the great content shared.

From vise to stream and back again… It’s a great way to close the loop.  Enjoy!


  1. Tom,
    Good read! I have a saying I tell all my friends and students who have a desire to learn to tie flies. Also, I tell the same thing to those who cannot understand my need to be at the vise. “WHENEVER I HAVE STRESS IN MY LIFE, I CAN ALWAYS FIND COMFORT AT MY VISE!”

  2. I agree with you 100%. I am in the same fix, and relax the same way. What do you do with the flies that you tie? You can’t possibly use them all. Tight lines.

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