Guest Blogger and YouTube Fly Tyer, Darren MacEachern of Piscator Flies

When I first started fly fishing, the easiest access to water was the still water pothole lakes of Alberta. I quickly grew to love chironomid patterns and their ability to catch fish in a variety of conditions. While chironomid patterns are simple, they cover a great range of colors and sizes. With them having hundreds of species spread over every corner of the globe, you can almost be assured any body of water will have the wriggling pupa hanging around.

The Crazy 8 Chironomid takes some of my favorite features from chironomids that I’ve found success with over the years. The separated gills is a feature I first found on Chan’s Chironomid and the short curved shank is a staple in my stillwater fly box. The beads give the fly a quick descent to their intended depth. The double rib of red floss and silver Flashabou gives the impression of both hemoglobin and trapped air in the pupa.

I fish this under a strike indicator set to a depth of 6-15 feet. I start at the shallower depth and increase it by 8-12 every few10-15 minutes until I find the feeding depth of the trout. It’s a proven method of fishing that has saved a skunk on challenging days on the water.


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