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Fly Recipe:

Thread: Semperfli Nanosilk 6/0
Hook: 5/0 Gamakatsu B10S or Ahrex PR320 Predator Stinger Hook
Buck Tail Spreader, Back of Chartreuse Bucktail
Tail: EP Game Changer Blend “Limetruse” Fibers
Flash:  Semperfli Mirror Orange Mirage
Flash: Semperfli Flash Krinkle Fluoro Green
Wing:  Hairline Extra Select Craft Fur Salmon Pink

This fly is excellent for the sweet or salty waters…
This is a large fly that can be used for pike, musky, or saltwater fish.

Tag on 1/2” behind eye
To make the material spreader use the back of bucktails for this purpose. Select about a marker thickness chunk of the back of a chartreuse bucktail near the thicker end of the tail where the hairs have more air in them. Spin on your hook with tips pointing to the eye and butts to the back. When done spinning reverse the tips and ramp thread onto tips to force them to face backwards. Using this area of the bucktail does two things. It helps maintain a 3-D profile and spread your materials. It also acts the same as if you finished with a buford head, aiding in the fly turning during every pause of your retrieve, providing a full profile presentation to your query.

Next select a small clump of the EP fibers. Stager the ends. Tease both ends to stager the fibers until the clump reach 12” from end to end. Tie the middle of the clump onto the top of your hook. Once tied in spread material around the top half of the fly. Then divide the bottom portion in half using your eye to help separate. Turn fly over and tie in and spread fibers out. The goal is to be sparse. The more sparse the fly, the easier it is to cast and less likely to be chewed up by toothy fish right away if it lacks bulk.

Next select about 15-20 strands of the Orange Mirage flash. Gently stager clump, you only want the flash to reach the end of the fly no longer. Tie in mid way and fold flash over keeping the flash on the top half of the fly. Repeat with a small hank of the Krinkle Fluoro Green, go easy on this stuff it’s super duper UV!

Last add two sections of the Salmon Craft fur. Revers both sections. It’s best to do two sparse bunches than one thick bunch. It transitions better with the rest of the fly. Once both clumps are on you can choose to use eyes or not and the fly is complete. Rugged, lightweight, so UV hot you can hear the sizzle…..


  1. Did you mean to have the description of the fly, providing a full profile presentation to the, “quarry”?

  2. The profile, the bulk, color and movement is so typical of a “Nome creation”. Well designed with thoughtful construction she cannot turn her brain off as continues to give us these little gems. Thanks for sharing.

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