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by Matt O’Neal of Savage Flies: Find him on his YouTube channel at Savage Flies

Created by Egbert Earl “Eggie” Bugby of Grayling, Michigan sometime between 1920-1950, the Eggie Special was once a popular fly in the area. Researched by Paul Beel of Frankenfly, the pattern here is tied with the original dressing Eggie used. For more history on the pattern, read an earlier blog post here on the J. Stockard blog by Paul.

Matt O’Neal of Savage Flies, who has a terrific YouTube channel where he shows how to tie many different flies, including the Eggie Special. Be sure to check it out and give him a follow! Watch his video below to see how to tie this interesting dry fly pattern.

And, find all the material here!

Materials list:
Hook: #10-12 dry fly – standard dry fly
Thread: Black
Tail: 3-4 turkey tail fibers
Rib: Brown dry fly hackle
Body: Yellow wool
Wings: Barred ginger hackle tips
Hackle: Brown and grizzly


  1. Nice tie. Looks a lot like a shorter version of the “Stimulator” dry fly attractor pattern, but with vertical hackle-tip wings instead of the angled hair wing. I guess it’s mostly the brown-hackle-over-yellow-body palmering and the dual hackle colors that give it the similarity. Looks like it would ride high if properly ginked.

  2. Not a bad look. I would probably swap out the turkey for some woodchuck guard hairs or CDL and EP Triggerpoint fibers for the body and it would float forever.

  3. Nice Looking stimulator, thanks Matt for sharing, another great fishing fly that a fly tier of any level can successfully tie and catch fish on. Check out the Savage Flies YouTube Channel for a large variety of flies and other resources for fly tying.

  4. As a fledgling tyer, I’m always impressed with Mr.O’neal and his organic approach to fly tying. Mr. O’Neal makes it fun and entertaining from the start of each show. The brief history of the fly , the original tyer and other fancy details thrown in for frills and dressings completes the whole experience in a positive way. I’ll surely give ” Eggie Special” a try.

  5. Awesome job Matt. If you haven’t checked out Matt’s YouTube channel at Savage Flies, you should. From the beginner fly tier to the most advanced fly tier everyone is welcome and there’s always something to learn. Congrats Matt!!

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