hughes allfur wet fly

by Matt O’Neal of Savage Flies: Find him on his YouTube channel at Savage Flies

hughes allfur wet flyDave Hughes didn’t originate the All-Fur Wet Fly, but he did make it a very popular fly among fly fishers. This fly is kind of a mix between a nymph and a wet fly. Hughes is an angler that studied insects, wet flies and read many books. He put all of this to use and taught many wet fly classes and wrote his own books. The wet fly is certainly one of Dave’s go-to style of flies that we all know by now, catch a lot of trout. So watch Matt’s video below to see how to tie this awesome fish catcher, the Hughes All-Fur Wet Fly.

Matt O’Neal of Savage Flies, who has a terrific YouTube channel where he shows how to tie many different flies, including Hughes All-Fur Wet FLy. Be sure to check it out and give him a follow! Watch his video below to see how to tie this interesting dry fly pattern.

Hook: #12-16 standard wet or 1x heavy
Thread: Orange
Tail: Hare’s ear (guard hairs from Hare’s Mask)
Body: Hare’s ear dubbing (underfur with a few guard hairs from Hare’s Mask)
Hackle: Squirrel body fur (in split thread or a dubbing loop)

Stonfo Dubbing Loop Clips
Stonfo Thread Splitter


  1. Very nice looking wet fly. But I think when he whipped finished the head of the fly it should have been a tiny bit smaller. Most wet flies that are tied have small heads on them. But all round that fly will catch fish. Best Regards from West Virginia, Ken

  2. Looks like a great little fly. I love wetflies, especially those that move in the current — like you say, Matt, you can dead-drift them, swing them, and then work them back to you, all in the same cast, and they’ll catch fish in any of those stages. I typically use soft hackle (such as partridge), but I might try some hair, as I have a pattern I tie with really nice soft hair for the tail, and I’d love to try the same hair for the “hackle” portion. Betting it will catch fish just as well. Nice video, and a simple great-looking fly.

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