Fly Tyer: Tim Morales, J Stockard customer & avid fly tyer

The Indicator BWO is essentially a standard parachute dry fly. The important difference is that the post is fluorescent making it much easier to see. This fly can also be used as an indicator on a nymphing rig, giving the angler the ability to fish both the adult stage and ascending nymphal stage at the same time.

Hook:  Tiemco TMC101 #16
Tail:  Hackle Fibers (Dun)
Abdomen: Turkey Biot (BWO)
Thorax: Fly-Rite extra fine poly dubbing (BWO) or Wapsi Antron Dubbing (Light Olive)
Wing: Whiting Farms Dry Fly Hackle (Dun)
Post:  CCT body fur (Fluo Fire Orange) or McFlylon

1. Take thread wraps to the hook point.

2. Tie down tail placing one thread wrap underneath the fibers tight up against your previous wraps. This will spread the fibers evenly. Thread wraps should end at the hook bend.

3. Tie down post with three solid wraps over and several figure eight wraps around to secure.

4. Tie down dry fly hackle so that the concave side is pointed away from you. Hackle should be one size smaller than the hook(in this case since I am using a size 16 hook, my hackle will be a size 18).

5. Post the wing by taking tight wraps around the hackle and post material so that it is about two millimeters up from the hook.

6. Tie down a turkey biot ending with your thread just behind the post.

7. Wrap the turkey biot up the shank to about two millimeters from the post.

8. Apply a small bit of dubbing to create a small thorax on both sides of the post. End with your thread on the tail side of the post with the thread hanging on the far side of the hook(this will help when tying down the hackle).

9. Wrap the hackle six times around the post and tie off on the seventh turn. To tie off, hold the cock hackle parallel to the shank and wrap tight underneath the hackle fibers. Once your thread makes contact with the feather, pull the feather downward to a 90 degree angle from the thread and continue with three firm wraps right underneath the hackle fibers. At the end of the third turn take the thread forward and start a wrap just behind the eye.

10. Trim away the remaining hackle as well as the post. Whip finish, varnish, and you’re done.

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