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After an accidental one fly day  – I left all my fly boxes out to dry and out of eyesight – I had one fly on my patch when arriving at the river.  It was a very sad slump buster that did not start out all that great looking with my beginner’s hands – longer streamer hook, too lazy to put in the wire to matuka the bunny properly and so on.  It not only lasted my one day of fishing, it also landed some nice trout. It quickly became one of my ‘go to’ guide flies.  I took the best parts of a slumpbuster and matuka style flies to create a highly versatile, but very effective baitfish pattern.  I’ve found this pattern to be just as useful in larger sizes in the salt as well as in freshwater.Recipe:

Hook: size 10-2, Mustad 9674 or Daiichi 1750
Thread: 6/0 Black (your choice)
Tail: White Marabou
Flash: Gold Speckled Flashabou
Body: Non-lead 0.030 weight, Pearl Body Braid, marabou filler
Rabbit Strip
Head: Black Thread (your choice)

Install body weight and attach marabou tail.
After the tail, move thread forward beyond weight and palmer the rest of the marabou feather to cover the weight and track back to your tail attachment for flash and more material.
Attach body braid
Attach rabbit strip, be sure to clear away fur and wrap threads on the skin.  Go ahead with a very small amount of head cement on the threads only for added security.
First wrap of the body braid is over your threads on the rabbit strip then continue to palmer and cover the body until passed the weight.  (Hint if the fibers from the marabou are in the way wet your fingers and stroke the material towards the eye before palmering the body braid.  Then attach the rabbit strip leaving lots of room at the eye for the collar.
​Move your thread forward and touch the attached area threads with just a little bit of head cement and make sure the rabbit strip is kept at a 45 degree angle like shown above for easiest wraps and to finish the head.  About two wraps at most of the rabbit strip, then tie off.  Once tied off snip the rabbit strip close and flatten the remaing skin with your finger to enable easy head finishing with the fly.

Sky is the limit as to color choices.  Nome’s Nuisances fly is highly versatile fly for mimicking any baitfish pattern.

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  1. Love to see a more traditional streamer pattern – love the gray version. I going to tie up a few. Thanks for the post.

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