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Thanks to Svend for tying one up in Christmas colors!

J. Stockard Pro Tyer: Erik Svendsen, Provo, UT
You can find Erik @ and

A variation of a Leech and a Bugger using mostly marabou and flash to try and fool a fish. Jack Gartside’s soft hackle Leech is the closest pattern I could find to what I am trying to accomplish. A few differences are the Ice Dub body, and using a dubbing loop to spread out the marabou, and of course a weighted tungsten bead. I really like the results and I know the fish will too.

Materials list:

Hook: StealthHook N series or Mustad R73-9671 tied in sizes 8-12
Bead: Tungsten bead to fit hook size
Thread: Semperfli Nano Silk 100 D
Tail: Marabou Fiber with added flash.
Body: Semperfli Ripple Ice or Hareline Ice Dub
Ribbing: Nature’s Spirit Premium Bugger Bou spun in a dub loop

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