chockletts game changer fly from Umpqua

Blane Chocklett's Game Changer from Umpqua
Blane Chocklett’s Game Changer from Umpqua

Blane Chocklett, with the help of Flymen Fishing Company, designed the Game Changer style of fly, which is constructed by tying together four shanks and a hook. You can tie in the hook at the front or the back, your preference. A tail is normally constructed by using synthetic materials or feathers. There are many ways to construct the body of a Game Changer. At J. Stockard we stock Chocklett’s Body Wrap, Game Changer Chenille, EP Game Changer Fibers and Minnow Body Wrap. All are a great and easy way to construct the body of a Game Changer. You can also use natural materials like soft hackle feathers, marabou, or deer hair.

The shanks that are produced from Flymen Fishing Company step down in size from 25mm, 20mm, 15mm, and 10mm. Trimming from longer to shorter as the shanks get smaller, may help the look of the fly depending on the materials used.

The Game Changer is an excellent fly for various types of species including largemouth and smallmouth bass, large brown trout and Blane himself uses it for Muskie and Striped Bass. The fly swims and darts smoothly with a very fluid action. You will probably need at least a 6 weight fly rod to throw this type of streamer, which is nothing unusual. The reviews for this fly have been terrific and there is no doubt that it’s definitely a fish catcher or maybe we should say, game changer.


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