STONFO_Comb and Brush Tool

Guest Blogger: Joe Dellaria, Woodbury MN

STONFO_Comb and Brush ToolThe STONFO Comb and Brush Tool is a handy tool and reduces the clutter on the fly tying bench by combining two tools in one.

The comb has excellent teeth spacing for removing any under fur in deer hair. This is critical for getting high quality spun deer hair bodies. I also used the comb to straighten and align various synthetic material I use for parachute posts. The comb was plenty sturdy to pull through and straighten or remove snags and twists.

The brush tool works well for brushing out dubbing after wrapping a body for nymphs. I use it for scud patterns and to create a halo of fur for Hare’s Ear flies. It worked well for both applications.

The tool is handy, easy to use, and stores well. The only improvements would be to make the comb a bit longer for larger clumps of deer hair and the handle could be a bit thicker for comfort in the hand. Neither of these are major issues – it would make a good tool a little better. I am glad I added this tool to my kit.

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