FrankenDub_Col_Final2 logoDubbing is really the center of the fly tying universe. It builds bodies, heads, tails, and even covers up ugliness. There are various types of dubbing for different kinds of flies, like dry flies, nymphs, and streamers. Some dubbing is made of natural or synthetic materials and some made of both. The list of materials used in blending dubbing is a mile long. Generally you want a light dubbing that doesn’t soak up water easily for dry flies. The complete opposite is true for dubbing used to tie nymphs because they will be riding under the water’s surface and not floating on top. Streamer dubbing is a larger beast altogether that has become extremely popular with today’s fly tiers, coming in much longer fibers than dubbing used for dry flies and nymphs.

This brings us to one of our newest products, a series of dubbing created and blended by Paul J. Beel of FrankenFly, called FrankenDub. This line of dubbing includes three types, All-Purpose, Nymph, and Monster dub. Here is a brief run-down to explain each type.

SM-012370_flymphAll Purpose FrankenDub is an all purpose synthetic dubbing that can be used for many types of flies. Use it on dry flies, nymphs, emergers, poppers or any other type of fly. Colorful and easy to dub, it can be that missing link you’re looking for in your flies.

Nymph FrankenDub is a highly tested and researched blend of naturals and synthetics with just the right amount of sparkle. Soft and easily dubbed on small flies. Works terrific on abdomens on large trout flies. Use it on nymphs, soft hackles, wet flies, etc. It has been well tested by many of today’s top fly tiers.

Monster FrankenDub may just be the perfect streamer dubbing. Approximately 3” in length with the featured and special ingredient being Alpaca fiber, this dubbing is ideal for streamer heads, building up bodies, collars, adding tailing, etc. The natural Alpaca blends extremely well with the synthetic fibers making it very easy to work with, while the blend offers just the right amount of flash.

FrankenDub covers most of the bases in dubbing selection while giving you a wide color spectrum. We know you’ll enjoy tying with it as well.


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