Steve Yewchuck

We would like to officially welcome Steve Yewchuck to our team of Pro Tyers!

Steve, who lives in Beacon NY, has been fly fishing for 30+ years and fly tying since he was 13. He started fishing for brookies at a very young age, which lead into chasing other species throughout his life. Designing and tying his own flies to catch these fish has been a real love.

After going to college for art and photography, Steve didn’t find work in his chosen field so he began guiding and selling flies and he’s been successfully involved in the fly fishing industry ever since. He helps promote and is an ambassador for Hatch Reels, Korkers Footwear, Livingston Rods, Rising Fish, Flymen Fishing Company and is a fly designer for Montana Fly Company.

Steve had this to say, “Fly fishing and designing and tying flies is embedded in my lifestyle and livelihood. Designing flies is a true love of mine and a major part of my life! It’s a place where I can put my art skills and creativity to use and I feel a little well-designed fly is very important. I love to refer to tying flies as engineered fish food.”

Steve loves tying anything from midges to large rodents. His specialty is designing and tying big flies for predator fish. But he also enjoys tying flies for smaller species, especially trout.

We are very happy to have Steve represent J.Stockard Fly Fishing as a Pro Tyer and we look forward to following Steve on his future fly fishing and fly tying endeavors.

Here are some samples of Steve’s tying and if you would like to see more of his work, you can follow him on Instagram at .


  1. Dear Steve Yewchuck
    Can you please tell me what brand and weight of rod plus what fly line and leader you use to cast these huge flies. I hope to try these flies in the San Francisco Bay ,Ocean and surrounding lakes. Don’t no much about fly
    tying but you’ve really inspired me.Your work is fabulous! Ive been with the SanFrancisco Golden Gate Fly club for 4 years and love casting but haven’t done much fly fishing but these flies will definitely send me on my way.
    The reason I asked you these questions is that its so hard these days to match up the hundreds of rods and lines
    to make them balance perfectly. I hope you stay safe in these troubled times.
    John Musso

    1. Hello John
      A lot of the flies I fish are surface flies in various sizes . The standard Emperor mouse pattern is on the smaller size of the bigger flies I fish and I use a 9′ 7wt Livingston glass rod or an Echo Ion XL 10′ 7wt with a Cortland Trout Boss 7WF . The medium size flies such as the articulated Emperor mouse and other flies of similar size I use a Marryat Tactical Pikky 9′ 9/10 wt . I pair it with a Cortland Precision compact float 350gr 9/10 WF . Once I move up to the real big beefy flies like the rats , bats and muskrats I use a Reddington Predator Musky 11WT with a Cortland specialized compact float 425gr 11/12 WT. These are just combos I’ve found work for me but everyone has their favorites. Hopefully this will help you out finding the perfect match !

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