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tu business 2Guest Blogger: Walt Gasson, Director, TU Endorsed Businesses
It’s fall – the absolute best time of the year here in Wyoming. The nights are crisp and the days are warm. The aspen are brilliant gold. The elk are bugling, the brook trout are already spawning and the browns won’t be far behind. It’s simply a splendid time to be out on the water.

We love fall fishing in the west. We suffer through winter cold and ice in the guides, we exult in that brief interval before peak runoff blows our streams out, then settle into the summer fishing – dries early on, then terrestrials. We might even swing a few streamers now and then – actually quite a bit. By this time, we’re sun-browned and sure of ourselves, any early season doubts about gear or jitters about fly selection are way behind us. We’re fly anglers. Not perfect, but competent and improving.

And now it’s the time we all look forward to – the peak. The all-to-short time before snow flies when the streams are deserted and the fish are hungry. It’s time to fish. But maybe it’s also time to reflect. Maybe it’s time to give a little thought to the greatest conservation success story in the world – the American story. Whether you’re a new angler or an old veteran, it might be time to pause for a moment and think about the miracle that has taken place right here on our home waters – yours and mine. All of us can take pride in the recovery of trout and salmon in America, and all of us can hope for more to come.

That’s why J. Stockard is partnering with Trout Unlimited (TU), the nation’s largest and most successful coldwater fish conservation organization to bring an entire new generation of fly anglers into this ongoing success story. With every purchase from J. Stockard in October, you’ll receive a free gift membership in TU – a $35 value.*  J. Stockard is a proud part of the TU Team – a long time TU Business member. J. Stockard wants to bring more members to TU because more members means more great work to protect, reconnect, restore and sustain America’s fisheries.

J. Stockard believes in fishing, and they believe in conservation. That’s why they believe in TU. So while you’re out there enjoying the fall fishing, take a moment to think about what you might do to make sure that experience is there for the next generation. Tight lines!

*Good for NEW members only.

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