prince-charles-megan boydMegan Boyd is one of the most celebrated fly tyers of all time. At her tiny cottage in Kintradwell (Scotland), Boyd was known to welcome the Prince of Wales who’d watch in awe as she created intricate salmon flies. Boyd died in 2001 at the age of 86 after a lifetime of fly tying during which she received a British Empire Medal in recognition of her classic flies. Boyd’s life and fly tying legacy are celebrated in a documentary called Kiss the Water which chronicles the story of Megan’s skill and passion for tying and her relationship with the famous and not-so-famous fisherman who stood by her tying bench.

Unlike many fly fishing films this one doesn’t have a lot of fishing but it does tell the story of a driven and gifted but peculiar women who had an unsurpassed talent for fly tying. Boyd herself didn’t fish. She ccouldn’t imagine killing a salmon. But she did like to catch fisherman! And catch them she did. Boxes of her vintage flies now sell for thousands of dollars and are in museum collections around the world.

Some quite evening when you have wrapped up your tying efforts, take a moment to watch this inspiring film. We think it is as much of a “classic” as Megan Boyd’s flies. You can stream Kiss the Water at both Netflix and


  1. Great documentary.
    Really makes you appreciate those who can tie classic salmon flies. There’s also a good Wikipedia article on Megan Boyd

    1. While this is a nice movie, there has been a lot of controversy, for want of a better word, around the claims of of one of fly tyers featured in the movie, which are unfounded, with audio or written evidence from Megan Boyd herself refuting those claims….
      I would take the movie and some of its contents with a pinch of salt….
      One other disappointing aspect of the movie was the severe lack of any footage of Megan herself or indeed her flies,….most likely because such footage is non existent. While there are claims that her flies are in museums and private collections it would have been pertinent to see a lot more of those flies on screen…. I feel the movie was marketed as a Megan Boyd movie, but actually was more about the folks her knew and their memories, particularly the main protagonist.

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