006Guest Blogger: Perry Morrison aka Montana Guy Flies

I was raised in Montana with a fly pole in my hand. Shortly after moving to Wisconsin I was, by a friend, introduced to the October run of salmon into the Root River in Racine Wisconsin. I immediately purchased an 8 weight fly rod with reel and scoured the internet for ideas for flies to tie. I tried everything from egg patterns to stone fly patterns. I came up with a very simple pattern to tie that works great for the river run Kings and Browns. Using large sparkle chenille in black with green I made the bodies. The one thing that I have found the color of the chenille is not what determines the aggressive strikes but the clear sparkle crazy legs I tie into the body are what drives the fish crazy. I use this in a two fly combination with an egg pattern or stonefly pattern as the bottom fly. I weight the stoneflies enough to get them down quick. I tie most of the patterns on a #4 TMC 7999 steelhead/salmon hook. I have tied different egg patterns using Cactus Chenille in orange, pink, and chartreuse. With these patterns I have added both the clear and shrimp colored crazy legs. I have found these patterns also to be very successful. These patterns work on steelhead as well and big brown trout. Thank you J. Stockard for having such a wide variety of fly tying materials to chose from. Only problem is I am running out of space on the wall to hang everything. To all my fellow fly tiers and fisherman give these a try in your neck of the woods you may be pleasantly surprised.


  1. I’d like to see the flies. Only time I’ve fished kings was maybe 30 years ago, and we used pacific NW flies like Skykomish a Sunrise, Green Butt Skunk etc. Awesome fish on a fly!

  2. Hmm!!!! Something Interesting. Really an outstanding overview for salmon fishing, with describing your experience through out this blog. making encouraging me to do this now.Thank you…………….

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