Our 2020 Catalog is mailing today! So, if you are one of our subscribers, it should be arriving just in time for the 2020 tying season. We’ve been busy adding lots on products. Here’s a preview of some of the exciting new offerings you’ll find in the catalog –

New Hooks from three brands – Like you, we love trying new brands and styles of fly hooks. We are now selling barbless competition hooks from Hanak and a new line of hooks from Umpqua called X-Series, mostly heavy wire, for saltwater big game flies. We also expanded with new styles from Firehole Outdoors which has been very popular since its introduction two years ago.

Fly Tying Materials from Semperfli – This innovative British maker of synthetic materials has developed major improvements in existing products and new concepts in fly tying materials. We’ve been selling their thread for some time and have now added several of their other popular tying materials.

Fly Tying ToolsLoon Outdoors continues to expand its Ergo line of tools, filling out the range they started two years ago. Still in their brand-true yellow and comfortable in the hand, these tools are offered singly or in three convenient kit configurations. Not to be outdone, Umpqua just introduced a range called Dreamstream+ with tyer-pleasing features and smart appearance. And last but not least, our Just Simply line of value-priced tools has had a significant quality upgrade and expansion!

If you just can’t wait to see our 202o Catalog, you can view it right now online!

The crew here at J Stockard hope you all have a wonderful holiday. And, we’re looking forward to serving you all in 2020!


  1. It is difficult for me to try new hooks. I use only Mustad hooks, in my fly tying, because they are made in the USA. I took a guided fishing trip on the Feather River, Out of Orville. I hooked 6 fish, the last one, being in excess of 25 inches. The guide went in after it, with net and all. I lost all 6 fish, to broken hooks, of the Asian variety. After that, it will take an act of GOD to get me to change back to any Asian made hook:

    1. Enjoyed that anecdote Chuck; sounds familiar. I too really like Mustads although I thought they were made in Scandinavia…guess I was wrong. I especially like their ultra-fine-wire dry fly hooks a lot, even though I rarely fish dries.

      Myself, I tend to use barbless hooks only when the law requires it in a given stream. Why? Well I can’t recall the last time my so-called “barbed” hook didn’t fall right out of the fish’s mouth when it was in the net. Happened AGAIN yesterday. They ALWAYS fall out–the barbs these days are tiny. And there are studies around that question whether barbless hooks provide fish any real additional health/welfare…now that we have soft rubbery nets and all.

      Anyway I’m still open to the barbless idea, but I mosly pinch & file down when I need to, and otherwise I tend to use the J. Stockard 430 Multi-use hooks for wetflies and nymphs. They have a nice curve and don’t “hide” the hook point like a “york bend” does. They do quite well for me–I caught one of the nicest rainbows I’ve caught in the last few years just yesterday on an old-time soft-hackle wetfly pattern–the Grey Hackle Peacock–naturally on a #16 J. Stockard hook. It got the fish to the hoop like the 430 hooks almost always do, and then dutifully fell right out. : )

      Mery Christmas!

      – Mike

      1. Thanks very much for your response Mike. Not to belabor the issue, but I was talking to my fishing partner today and told him I had written you about the hook issue on the Feather. He mentioned something he hadn’t told me before. I guess while I was putting stuff in the truck, he talked to the guide about the lost fish. The guide told him he would have to talk to the guy that ties and debarbs the flies for him. Problem is, this guide is also a contract tier for a well known fly shop. We think, that while in the debarb process, he was fracturing the hooks, because they all broke in about the same place. Didn’t think about that then. Well, we don”t do business with that shop any more, or the guide. So I guess it’s a mute point. Thanks again for your response and interesting remarks and Merry Christmas to you and yours as well:

  2. Would like to receive a catalog. Please send to
    Charles E Frank 1310 Reynolds St Clarksville AR 72830.

    Thank you so much.

    Charles Frank

  3. I’m getting into jig tiring bucktails for three years I need some color dye for the bucktails. Send me a catalog please thanks Robert Snyder 312 King Dr Evans WV 25241

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