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blog nilsson bambooGuest Blogger: Bamboo Rod Maker & Author Scott Nilsson

This book was written primarily to encourage the non-professional craftsman. The purpose of this book is to help you on your journey to make a bamboo fly rod by minimizing frustration and confusion. It is intended to take some of the anxiety out of the process, which often prevents a fly fisher’s desire to go ahead and make a fine bamboo rod. Making a fine bamboo fly rod is not as difficult as you may think. My son, Tor, made a fine rod when he was twelve years old.

Some of the steps in building a bamboo fly rod are critical and deserve much more attention than do others.  There will be enough things to learn about without   getting Overwhelmed over small details. I will do my best to point out to you how to make your experience as simple as it can be, while at the same time, minimizing your frustration. I have spent countless hours studying this process and have faced every imaginable pitfall. It is because of this experience, that I have been able to streamline and prioritize the steps required to make a bamboo rod

It is a fact, and always will be, that as in any profession, there will be disagreements on the principles and techniques used to accomplish a goal. I am sure that in my profession, that there will be those who disagree with the methods that I use to construct a fine bamboo fly rod. It is their right to do so. My goal is to produce a fine, good looking fly rod that is fun to use, gives pleasure during its use, and is durable. I simply enjoy seeing a person make a bamboo fly rod when the techniques are translated to him in a manner that will assure his success. I have made many dozens of fly rods for customers throughout the United States. Those customers have given me comments that have made my adventure in making bamboo fly rods extremely rewarding.A comprehensive guide containing 34 chapters with illustrations and some tapers.

The book, a comprehensive guide containing 34 chapters with illustrations and some tapers, is available at Amazon or directly from the author at High Desert Bamboo Fly Rods.


  1. I have built dozens of rods in my life for friends and for personal use. I would love to build a cane rod but assumed that would require lots of highly specialized tools and equipment beyond that required to build a “standard” fly rod and thus would make it in-affordable.?

  2. David,

    Many of the tools needed can be purchased for between 50 and one hundred dollars. Some of the tools can be made. The metal planing form is the expensive tool. 600 to 1,000 dollars. A wood lathe is useful, but not necessary. Wood shop clubs offer opportunities to use their stuff.
    Many folks avoid making bamboo fly rods because of the expense of tooling up. They instead, take my class and use my tools. The student leaves with an excellent rod which he made himself with my assistance. The cost and summary of my class is listed on my website

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