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TyWheel Owners: Joseph Tyler Pettigrew - "Tyler" & Joseph Tyler Swisher - "Joe"
TyWheel Owners: Joseph Tyler Pettigrew – “Tyler” &
Joseph Tyler Swisher – “Joe”

Guest Blogger: Tyler Pettigrew

Inspiration behind the TyWheel: For many of us, the season starts in our living rooms, dining rooms, or on office desks. Once you’ve caught “the bug” the only thing to do is to start tying them; wherever that may be.  While few things are more satisfying than landing a fish on a fly that you have tied, the process of tying requires organization, the proper tools, and good material.  There are plenty of tools and the good material is out there, but the problem for the tyer was the market didn’t have anything that fit into the angler’s busy lifestyle.  If you ask an angler, “why don’t you tie flies?” the answer is undoubtedly, “I don’t have the time or patience.”  So, we took to the garage to eliminate the excuses.

tywheel 2At TyWheel, we seek to introduce innovation to the fly tying industry.  Tying flies is both and art form and a science.  It takes a special kind of sportsman to understand and imitate the biological and ecological aspects of the streams. We understand that fly fishing, as well as fly tying, are steeped in rich traditions of stewardship and the love of nature.   At the root of these values stands an inevitable truth — the beauty of simplicity.  We appreciate the simple things of life, which is the driving force behind TyWheel and the reason we are bringing you this exciting new product.

The TyWheel provides a magnetic work surface that installs directly on your vise instantly putting the tools, hooks, and materials that are being used conveniently in front of you.  In addition, modular attachments make your work station customizable to your specific needs.  Your vise is instantly converted into a portable fly tying machine you can easily stow and take with you wherever you go.

NOTE FROM J STOCKARD: We stock a full selection of TyWheel products. 

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