Guest Blogger & FOM Tyer: Paul Beel, J. Stockard Pro Tyer Team Leader and owner of FrankenFly

When I released Werewolf Hair last year, I had many tyers asking if it included Icelandic Sheep Hair. I would say ‘no’ and explain what type of material it was. So it was easy for me to realize what I needed to do for my next product.

Vampire Sheep Hair is a blend of Icelandic Sheep Hair and very fine mylar flash to add sparkle. It is an excellent material to use on streamers. And, many tyers really like to use it to make baitfish patterns.

The material is very soft and easy to tie with. You can add bulk to a fly without adding much weight and it holds its shape in the water which provides a great profile. The movement of Vampire Sheep Hair in the water is as good or better than bucktail or marabou and it includes flash that is very attractive to the fish. If you have spaces that need filling within the design of your streamer, this material fills the gap very nicely. You can use it on tails, wings, and heads. It is very versatile.

I have recently designed a new articulated streamer and have been running it through tests in the water. I include Vampire Sheep Hair in this streamer to add fullness and movement, it does the job perfectly.

The second you take Vampire Hair out of the package you can see and feel how wonderful this material really is. So if you are a streamer fanatic like me or you want to tie your own streamer patterns, I think you will be able to make great use of Vampire Sheep Hair.


    1. Not really Michael. You couldn’t really spin it like deer hair. You would just have to tie it in and then you could trim it. It wouldn’t pack together like deer hair though. You could do that with my Monster Dub however.

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