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Fish-Mask – Innovation for Streamer Tying

Fish-Mask_blogFlymen Fishing’s Fish-Skull brand has made a real name for itself with its extensive line of products of Fish-Skulls, articulated shanks and Frantic Tails,  designed to make tying highly effective streamers fast and easy. One of the Company’s latest fly tying innovations is the Fish-Mask, an ultra-lightweight Fish-Skull designed for tying weightless streamers that suspend in the water column. The Fish-Mask features a realistic baitfish head profile and is molded from an extremely light weight, crystal clear, fluoro-epoxy material. They are perfect for suspending baitfish patterns in a wide variety of sizes and provide consistent size, shape and weight.

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Fly Tying Scissors – A Brief Primer

scissors copyEvery fly tying bench needs a good pair of scissors and, for plenty of us, maybe several! When choosing scissors for fly tying you should think in terms of the ‘Big Three’ –

  • Arrow – These scissors have short, fine blades and a notch to cut wire and lead and are most commonly about 3.5” in length. Use these scissor if you tie small flies without much mass or material.
  • Hair – With long heavy blades, hair scissors designed for large flies and tough materials. They are typically about 4.5”.
  • All-purpose scissor – A good all round scissor is a staple on any fly tying bench. We suggest starting with the 4” length.

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Become a J. Stockard Frequent Fly-er

frequent flyerIf you are regular online customer at J. Stockard Fly Fishing, you should definitely consider joining our Frequent Fly-er program. First, we can store all your purchase and shipping information and keep a Wish List for you so your return shopping visits are fast and efficient. Second, you get early notification of special offers and other deals designed for our Frequent Fly-ers. And finally, you earn points that you can redeem on future purchases at J. Stockard Fly Fishing.

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