elec ripple ice fiberElectric Ripple Ice Fiber is a new synthetic fiber distributed by Hareline Dubbin. The material has kinks that add to its look and formation. Since its debut late last year, it has caused quite a stir in the fly tying community. Many tiers have posted experimental flies using this new fiber and others have expressed their excitement for creating many new uses for electric ripple. It can be used as winging material or for bodies, tails, and heads on streamers and is a lot like a synthetic bucktail of sorts. It has excellent movement in the water.

Many tiers have suggested that it could be used as a synthetic rhea or ostrich fiber. We asked Ben Paull of Olympic Peninsula Skagit Tactics about this, since he has worked with rhea and ostrich quite often.  Ben said, “For making stiff shoulders on intruder style flies, it’s hard to beat! It’s the stiffest synthetic I know of.”

elec ripple streamerPaul Beel tied up a single hook streamer that normally would require bucktail, but he used Electric Ripple Ice Fiber instead and mentioned that it performed well. Paul said, “I tied it in reverse and folded it back over itself and even though it wasn’t the same as bucktail, it was still easy to work with in this way. I was happy with the movement in water when test swimming this fly.”

We highly recommend trying this new synthetic for yourself. It is already well on its way to becoming a big hit! Check out HL’s video to learn more about Electric Ripple.

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