Trout Are Smart But They Don’t Think

Trout smart 1Guest blogger: Mike Cline, Bozeman, MT

Years ago when I was fishing northern Minnesota every summer, I think I had a map of Lake Kabetogama in Voyageurs National Park from the Fishing Hot Spots map company. I couldn’t find the map when I looked recently but remember them as showing all the spots on the lake where the different species of fish should be found. I generally found fish in the spots they recommended but found them as well other spots. They still sell these maps and I guess they are useful in unfamiliar waters. They don’t make any of these maps for Montana so I guess there are no “Hot Spots” out here. But even without the maps, hot spots are an important part of fly fishing for trout no matter where you fish. I don’t know what the criteria are for recommending any particular location on a lake or stream as a hotspot, but I do know trout are smart enough to recognize a hot spot when they see one.

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