Pocket Water and the ADK

sausner ausable-river-watershedGuest Blogger: Brandon Sausner

A few years back I read an article about fishing the Ausable River in the Adirondacks. It showed a huge pool with great looking water on both ends. The article mumbled about Fran Better and explosive top water fishing. The piece talked of powerful fish smashing flies, and falling victim to a late night Sulphur hatch and spinner fall. We packed the tents and rods and a reservation was made at Wilmington Notch camp ground for four days of just fly fishing. Only one problem, the article was sort of a huge liar and focused on a very small part of fishing the Ausable. We spent the first night and morning looking for smooth water and rising fish. We switched to a failed attempt at indicator nymphing and then quit for lunch. It turns out that the pool in the article was downstream from our camp and we had seen it but it was packed with anglers. And in that pool casting to rising trout in the evening was readily available, as long as you staked your claim to the prime water at around 5:30 and stayed until dark. The majority of the water in that area had nothing to do with majestic casting and drag free drifts. After hitting a few fly shops and talking to some of the campers that were fly fishing it turned out a bunch of them had also read the article and were also clamoring to fish “Shadow Rock pool” for rising trout. We were forced to crawl in to the woods to prey on greedy little brookies that could not resist foam ants. We needed a change of venue and in the dark woods the brookies fed all day obscured from the sun. Keep that in mind if you ever go to the Adirondacks to fly fish.

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