Amen to That

Guest Blogger: Michael Vorhis, author of ARCHANGEL suspense thriller, OPEN DISTANCE adventure thriller & more to come

It began not at all according to plan. My alarm didn’t go off, and that was a big deal because it meant I’d likely not be the first one on the stream and not get my favorite bend, my favorite riffle. Shivering through a cold shower without giving the water in the pipes time to transition from solid to liquid, I sought to make up for lost minutes. Then the truck wouldn’t start either because I’d left the dome light on all night, and I had to jump it, which wasted more time. Fog and an unbelievably slow double-semi on the narrow approach road pretty much iced it: I was late. Then finally arriving to find that most of my fly boxes and tippet spools were still snoozing at home left no doubt…the Fly Fishing god–or The Great Trout, if you envision imaginary deities that way–had it in for me this morning.

Setting up, dropping the line backward through the guides four times in my haste, and hunting fruitlessly for my jacket which didn’t appear to be on hand either, I wondered what I’d done to deserve this. Had I been bragging? Oh, yeah, I had…I’d boasted repeatedly at work about how I’d finally “figured this stream out.” I’d set my plans around some master theory that I was certain would make for a big morning. Maybe that hadn’t been such a good idea…pride goeth before the dunking, after all. Quickly I reset my attitude from “sure to catch big ones left and right” to “sure to catch just a couple of big ones.” That oughta do it, right? That oughta be enough.

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