Once You’ve Drifted a Tail Water, You Need Your Own Boat

Guest Blogger: Brandon Sausner

It’s the 2017-18 winter and the school I’m teaching at develops a partnership with the Buffalo Maritime Center and a select batch of students are drafted to build canoes. The project needs a teacher to moderate and go to building sessions and I figured being paid to help kids build boats is way more exciting than tutoring. After being there for a few weeks I decided I would become a paid member of the center and build a drift boat. I looked into material costs and post construction parts like anchors and oars and figure I could get it done for less than 2000.00 dollars; and that’s way cheaper than buying one. And I gotta be honest, I’ll go winter steelhead fishing, but only when I’m desperate and grouse season is closed. I have also tied more flies than I could ever fish this summer and I haven’t stopped putting together new patterns.

If you have ever read any of my other blog posts you realize that my father has a drift boat and may wonder, why I need my own. It’s simple, sometimes I want to fish with other people and borrowing my dad’s boat involves speeches that feel like waterboarding and make me question if he thinks I’m a total moron. I’m in my thirties, these speeches are exhausting.

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