Fly Fishing Saved My Life

Guest Blogger: Leroy Dickey, Manchester NH

I entered my doctor’s office this morning with not a single thought of people that touch our lives, feeling that I didn’t have time to worry about my health because everyone in my life was depending upon my me for their success – with absolutely no regard for my physical and mental health.  Deadlines to meet, careers at stake and customers facing shutdowns…several million dollars at stake if I did not come through.

Thanks to one special Physician’s Assistant, Bonnie, whose father is surely looking upon from heaven with more joy than we are capable of imagining, my perception quickly changed as I began to think how people touch our lives.  First, she not only read the chart from my last visit, but also recalled personal conversations that I had long since put behind me.   Most importantly, she listened.  Not simply to the words projecting from my mouth, but truly listened with an open heart, which enabled her to see the whole [entire] message that I was conveying.  A message that I, myself did not realize was there.

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