Fish‐Skull® Faux Bucktail™

SM-751162-0000We’re excited by the addition of a new item – Fish‐Skull® Faux Bucktail™. This tapered synthetic fiber, designed by the innovators at Flymen Fishing, imitates typical premium‐length natural bucktail (or other animal fur fibers that have similar properties). The are lots of reasons to try Faux Bucktail™. Here are a few!

Natural taper: Faux Bucktail™ fibers are designed with the same basic diameter, gentle “crinkle”, and natural taper as bucktail, allowing you to tie most of the standard techniques and achieve the same distinctive bucktail fly or lure action in the water. In appearance, it looks almost identical.

Consistent length: Unlike natural bucktail, every Faux Bucktail™ fiber is of premium length (6‐inches / 152mm), eliminating the need to sort and search for ideal length strands and having to discard short hairs and under fibers that are unusable.

Ease of Use: Each Faux Bucktail™ bundle of fibers is glued together at the base making it easy and convenient to work with. Simply peel off the full length of your desired amount of fibers, trim to desired length, and tie them in. All the fibers are already “pre‐stacked”, but like natural bucktail a clump of fibers can be easily pulled and teased out to create a nice tapered tail, wing or body on your fly or lure.

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