All That Glitters

Guest Blogger: Mike Vorhis, Fly Fisher & Author, FreeFlight Publishing

Years ago, when I was attending university in Irvine California, my brother Greg┬ácame out from back East for a vacation. He wanted to taste the full California experience, so we crammed into the first week long coastal jetties, Caribbean Pirates, America-blaring road trips up Highway 1, bandito beach camp-outs, sand volleyball, one shameless orchard raid for a juicy breakfast orange each…like men possessed. And in the second week we went up into God’s Country.

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A Different World

chinook salmonGuest Blogger: Mike Vorhis, Fly Fisher & Author, FreeFlight Publishing

Yesterday I drove 7 hours total for three hours on a river. It proved to not be my preferred gulp of tea.

This has been a terrible year for trout fishing in California, for me anyway. Warm drought flows have rendered waters within already-not-so-easy reach largely unproductive. I actually gave up trying in the streams I knew, throwing that towel in way back in May.

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