Meet Our New Pro Tyer – Scott Fisher, Somerville, NJ

Scott Fisher has been fly fishing and tying for 10+ years. Like many fly fishers, he was previously an avid spin fisherman until one day a friend brought a fly rod along on a fishing trip. Scott says he didn’t think much of it until his buddy cast out his line, his fly landed on the water surface and a fish exploded onto his fly moments later. Scott bought a fly rod the very next day!
Fly tying came shortly after. Scott is an experienced artist and has the advantage of a trained eye and knowledge of sculpting. Fly tying was another opportunity to create, and he fell in love with it and its direct connection to fly fishing. Two passions all in one.
During the pandemic, Scott did Live Facebook videos demonstrating beginner as well as advanced fly tying techniques to a following that eventually grew to a few thousand people. He loved making connections with people and saw how much of an impact he made with many of the viewers. He got wonderful feedback about how much his teaching helped them. Scott has a passion for helping people learn the beautiful art of fly tying, and the benefits that come with this incredibly special sport of fly fishing.
Scott annually ties at The Fly Fishing Show in Edison, NJ as well as The International Fly Tying Symposium in Parsippany, NJ. representing The Catskills Fly Tyers Guild where he is featured member and co-secretary for social media.
Find Scott @:,, Instagram:@TroutJouster,
Scott’s Favorite Flies: Scott is at heart a Catskill dry fly tyer, since he lives two hours from the Catskills. Nevertheless, Scott is a very versatile tyer, proficient in many other styles of flies.

Comparaduns, Wet Dubbing & Old Men Who Don’t Understand Trailing Shucks

Guest Blogger: Brandon Sausner

Brandon's Dad
Brandon’s Dad

My father is a lifelong fly fisherman who melds fly names into general categories, built his retirement home on a big cast dry fly stream and tends to favor fluffy Catskill style dry flies. I know he has about 10 fly boxes – mostly dries, some nymphs, and his only streamer being a Hornberg; which isn’t even a streamer. I tie him flies by the pile and as of two years ago I achieved “better than a fly shop” status, and on the patterns he prefers I’m pretty close. Once the fish start rising he fishes 5-7 days a week and places almost nothing over the call of top water action.

When he turned 70 my nine siblings decided to plan a birthday party for him with people flying in from both coasts. It was my job to call and get him to the party. I had to cajole him to forego potential rising trout and only when I lied and said people had already paid for flights did he 100% commit to coming to the party. All that nonsense aside, he’s the best fishing partner in the world. He never says he can’t go and he owns a great Clackacraft that pulls with a 4 cylinder.

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