Fly Tyers for Casting for Recovery

CfR nelsonGuest Blogger: Bob Nelson, Fly Tyer & CfR Supporter
With the continued support of J. Stockard Fly Fishing, who supplies the fly boxes, members of the Fly Tying Forum, have donated 14 sets of a dozen flies to Casting for Recovery, for each of the last five years.  Fly tyers from all over the United States have contributed a dozen flies each.  Not only that, but tyers from Australia, Canada, Scotland and other countries where CfR does not have chapters have donated as well.  Most of these men and women have not only sent the requested dozen flies to match the guidelines suggested by Casting for Recovery, but have included enough extra flies to fill a bonus box.  This year’s bonus contained 60 assorted flies.  There is also a box of 14 Pink Wooly Buggers for the attendee’s hats or vests.  This year’s flies are going to the Kentucky program which serves 14 lucky women from Kentucky and Southern Indiana.  The retreat will be held in Indiana.

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