Three Fly Tying Materials I Can’t Get Enough Of

culton marabouGuest Blogger: Steve Culton

When I tie a subsurface fly, I try to visualize what it will look like when it is underwater and subject to the forces of current. Flies on the vise may be aesthetically pleasing (and that is important, to some degree). But unless I’m submitting that fly to be viewed and judged by humans, it has missed its true purpose, which is to make a fish think it is food. As Sylvester Nemes said, “Any sunk artificial fly, to be good, must transform itself in the water into something alive, something suggestive and moving, something that looks good to eat.”

Here are three tying materials that excel at that: marabou, Angora goat, and Ice Dub. They are easy to find, inexpensive, and are an integral part of many of my high-confidence patterns. Two of them are natural materials, which I tend to favor over synthetics. My hope is that if you don’t currently use them in your flies, you’ll be intrigued enough to give them a try.

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