Get Down – Part I

Figure 1—Water Column

Guest Blogger: Michael Vorhis, author of ARCHANGEL suspense thriller, OPEN DISTANCE adventure thriller & more to come

Despite your fervent hopes, sadly this isn’t an article about jiving to Tupac’s rap or disco-duck tunes of the now-ancient BeeGees; we’ll leave that topic for a (much) later post.

I’d like to discuss something dear to the heart of every wetfly and nymph angler: Achieving a productive depth of the fly. This is unequivocally, unarguably the most important aspect of subsurface fly fishing for salmonids (and probably for every other species as well). In fact it’s all ten of the top ten aspects. Fly choice, tippet size, stripping cadences…all pale by comparison; about the only thing more important is whether there are any fish in the water.

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