Firehole 718 – A Barbless, Extended Length, Natural Bend Hook

J. Stockard Pro Tyer: Justin Bowman

I anticipated the release of the Firehole 718 for quite a while. I noticed over a several month period that Joe, the founder of  Firehole Outdoors, left me a couple of comments on social media posts that suggested something was in the works. However, there were never any real details released and his comments were somewhat cryptic. I recall one that was similar to “just you wait” on a post of a stimulator on a TMC 200R. Well, I waited. Turns out that I waited longer than Joe had anticipated. He recently told me that hook mold modifications added 5 months to the release date, but it is what was needed to get the hook that he wanted.

What Joe designed is a barbless, extended length, natural bend hook. This is a barbless solution to the Daiichi 1260 or a TMC 200R. I thought stimulators, hoppers, stoneflies, and terrestrials when I first saw it, but long nymphs shouldn’t be overlooked. After all, the 200R is a personal favorite midge hook of mine. I’ve long loved the bend in the shank of the 200R for nymphs because of the great profile/realistic shape it creates.

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