Guest Blogger: Jim Murphy, Neenah WI, long-time J Stockard customer and avid fly tyer

HEXED: To have been bewitched: To have been cursed: To have been put under a magic spell

I have had the good fortune to fly fish many trout streams both near and far. But, until one night last June, I had not started my fishing outing at 6:30 P.M. with the plan to fish until 11:00 or later. Oh, I’d talked about it a few times. I even thought about it once or twice. Thought about it seriously enough to tie several dozen flys including duns and spinners, klinks, and nymphs. In fact, a complete fly box of flys tied especially for such a night had been safely tucked away in one of my “never forget where I put it places” which took about two hours plus to locate.

The earth was rising up covering the sun and dusk was quickly shading into dark. The bullfrogs had stopped their bullfrog chorus and the whippoorwills had silenced their evening lullaby. The mosquitoes, however, were really just coming into their own and even Deet 50 was being challenged as the clock ticked toward 8:50

I’d been sitting on the bank of one of our local spring creeks since about 6:30  because my fishing partner Gary, an old hand at this game, had said that this sections of the stream was prime and if we wanted a great spot best get there early. So early we were.

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