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Firehole Fly Box – Part I – The Flies

My Firehole Fly Box
My Firehole Fly Box

Guest Blogger: Mike Cline, Bozeman, MT

When I started this little piece, the Yellowstone National Park fishing season for 2013 had just concluded. My visit to the Firehole on the last day of season was preempted by an un-expected foot of snow in the park that closed all the roads for the most of the day. Even though I didn’t fish the last day, every season I manage about a dozen days on the Firehole in June, September and October (July and August are poor times to fish the Firehole for a variety of reasons.) For the most part I find the fishing easy, with lots of fish caught, in an utterly beautiful setting. Yet when I talk to other anglers here in Bozeman, and the occasional visiting angler on an airplane as they arrive or leave Montana, they invariably tell stories how they were skunked or otherwise disappointed by the Firehole experience. Even decades of literature and writings about the Firehole tout the difficulty of this river.

“Fishing the smooth stretches of the Firehole, dry or wet, still requires such subtlety. Biscuit Basin, Muleshoe Bend, Goose Lake Meadows, Ojo Caliente Bend, the Broads-all these pieces of difficult water require every skill one can muster because these are wild fish that have been fished over for ninety years, and they have learned much in that time”-Charles Brooks-Fishing Yellowstone Waters (1984)

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Musings on Musky Fly Fishing

The Author With A Fly-Caught Musky
The Author with Fly-caught Musky

Guest Blogger: Bill Turner

Muskies, considered the fish of 10,000 casts by gear anglers, are a lot like the “not gonna happen” girl (or guy) in high school.  Add the challenge of catching one on a fly to the mix and you have an obsessive quest that falls squarely between masochism and insanity.  Disclaimers out of the way, here are 10 observations that will improve your odds of catching your first musky on a fly.

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