Becoming an Ardent Angler

Guest Blogger: Mike Cline, Bozeman, Montana

#37 “Hooked” Fish by Schaldach, William J. Schaldach (1932)
#37 “Hooked” Fish by Schaldach, William J. Schaldach (1932)

The centuries of literature on fishing as well as the great online treasure trove of blogs, forums and digital magazines has and I suspect always will be asking and answering the question: “Why I Fish”. Not me particularly, but in general why do some become so enthusiastic and passionate about angling that it becomes a fire in their belly. It is a timeless question and in my search for brilliant pieces of angling wisdom I came across this story about becoming an Ardent Angler.

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Veterans Day – They Made No Small Contribution

Guest Blogger: Mike Cline, Lt Colonel, USAF, Retired, Bozeman, MT

Veterens day 1I started writing this the day after Veteran’s Day 2014 as I contemplated how our Armed Forces have in no small way, made the sport we enjoy so much possible. I’ve worked on it almost every week in trying to get it ready for this Veteran’s Day. No matter what era or generation you talk about from 1776 to present day, America’s Armed Forces have made sacrifices to protect and preserve the freedom and democracy we enjoy in the U.S.

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