Fly Fishing Gone Viral

Guest Blogger: Michael Vorhis, author of ARCHANGEL suspense thriller, OPEN DISTANCE adventure thriller & more to come

There’s said to be an old Chinese curse that goes something along these lines:  “May you live in interesting times.”  Despite the high probability that the translation is less than precise, as stated in English it’s applicable to our current days and times.

We’re going through a curious era of our lives, sheltering in place, sheltering at home, whatever those in control of our respective territories want to call it…and now and then, as rules have very slightly relaxed, many of us have extended that to also include sheltering streamside for a few occasional hours.

And this is where fly fishing shines.

While no one stands directly in front of an angler, other kinds of fishing can be done shoulder-to-shoulder, slapping each other on the back, reaching into the same tin of sun-baked worms or trove of beer…you know what I’m talking about.  But no one can sneak up behind a fly fisherman–the back-casting sees to that.  So “social distancing” is far more assured, with the kind of fishing we do. Bright orange line colors and big yellow wooly buggers can be leveraged as highly visible warnings, much like the bold colors on a poisonous snake.  If you’re casting, you’re pretty safe.

Want to take that to the extreme?  Go with spey.  Mix the cack-handed circle spey with the classic snap-T followed by the same using a Skagit-style hand position, and then all again in reverse order from the opposite shoulder, and you’ve got yourself a whirling whizzing snapping zone of safety around yourself that not even an enemy swordsman could get through.  Try to emulate one of those atom diagrams.  It’s a “full power to the shields, Scotty” protection system.  As long as you don’t hog-tie yourself, no western lasso expert will have a thing on you, and your social distancing will rival that of the proverbial hapless desert island castaway.

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A User’s Guide To Becoming A Local Fly Fishing Legend

big horm river 2Guest Blogger:  Jim Murphy, Neenah, WI

Or perhaps more accurately stated a Users Guide To Becoming A Local Legend While Fly Fishing. If it happened to me it can happen to you. The following is a narrative which has been embellished by others as time has passed. There he goes, they say as I walk amongst the members of our Trout Unlimited Chapter. And now the story has actually made it into the regional arena and my name is whispered reverently among other chapters.

It all began about 8 years ago on a cool and windy day in July while fishing the Big Horn River near Fort Smith, Montana. Bob, Dave and I had beached our kayaks at the upper end of a small island about half way downstream between the Yellowtail Dam and the Mallard Take Landing. Dave remained at the upper end of the island, Bob chose to fish from the middle and I walked down to where the stream came together at the base of the island.

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