Fly Fishing – Under the Water

Guest Blogger: Clay Cunningham, Cody WY, Former National Park Superintendent

Why would anyone want to pursue trout with an underwater fly when you can’t see it and know when a fish might have it in his mouth? Because 90% of the trout’s feeding habits are under the water where they select insects off the stream bottom and hang around in opportunistic locations to pick off dislodged insects that lost their grip on the stream bottom. Trout also become very active when pursuing insects making their way to the surface to dry off their wings and begin the process of reproduction.

No question about it, fishing nymphs or wet flies under the water requires experience and a sixth sense to know when a fish has your fly in his mouth. I have watched trout create a vacuum to suck in nymphs then expelled them with force in a split second if it didn’t suit them. How does one know when a trout surreptitiously pulls in one of your underwater offerings?

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