The Stranger from the 1940’s

Guest Blogger Justin Aldrich

Guest Blogger: Justin Aldrich, avid fly tyer and J. Stockard customer

There we were. We fished side by side in secrecy. Strangers to each other, but a kinship to the landscape and water. He was spent with age, yet still filled with so much life and vitality.

He knew I was there, but made no acknowledgement of my presence.
After only a few minutes, I found myself there for a different purpose altogether. I was now on a small trout stream fly fishing for his approval.

His movements seemed to make no sound or wake as I followed eagerly and learned from his unintentional education.

I originally thought I had hit the jackpot as I stumbled upon his free trout lesson. Yet, much to my surprise, the greater lesson was still to come.

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