Not Just for Beginners – Setting Up Your Rod & Reel

DWWFFGuest Blogger: Mary Kuss. All Photos: Rabbit Jensen. Both Mary and Rabbit are avid fly fishers and leaders in the Delaware Valley Women’s Fly Fishing Association.

Most of us are familiar with a certain very popular series of books, with black and yellow covers. These books have a title that implies that they can teach even a “dummy” how to do whatever the subject in question might be. I think there’s even a book in this series on fly fishing. I can’t jam even a modestly-sized book’s worth of information into this article, but if you’re a fly fisher just starting out I think I can give you a few tips that will make the early days of your journey a lot easier. Intermediate-level fly fishers may even learn a few new tricks.

The complexity of fly fishing becomes quickly apparent to anyone who takes up the sport. It’s very easy to become daunted and discouraged. Part of the problem is that many people who write books or produce other fly fishing instructional materials have been fly fishing long enough that they have lost the beginner’s perspective. They tend to take for granted and omit a lot of things that are so obvious to them that they don’t seem to bear mentioning. Yet these seemingly insignificant bits of information can be a total mystery to someone with no fly fishing background.

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