Three Great Wet Flies For Summer

Guest Blogger: Steve Culton

Taking a leisurely wade while swinging a team of wet flies is one of summer’s most pleasant angling experiences. The cool of the river envelopes your legs, acting as a salve against the stifling heat. Even though there may be no visible hatch activity, you can always expect to catch trout – even in the middle of a bright, sunny day. The swung wet fly draws out the more aggressive fish that are waiting to ambush a rogue emerger or a drowned terrestrial.

Here are three high-confidence wet flies that get a lot of playing time on my team of three. From top dropper to middle dropper to point fly on my leader, the Squirrel and Ginger; the Drowned Ant soft-hackle; and the Hackled March Brown spider. They are fairly simple ties, and you can find all the materials at J. Stockard. Best of all, they are proven fish-catchers.

culton Squirrel & GingerThe Squirrel and Ginger

Hook: TMC 2457, size 12

Thread: Hot Orange

Body: Ginger Angora goat

Rib: Green Krystal flash

Hackle: Fox squirrel fur

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Winter Wet Flies

Guest Blogger: Mary S. Kuss

Partridge & Yellow
Partridge & Yellow

I’ve never liked cold weather, and the older I get the stronger this aversion becomes. What my Mother used to call a “weather breather,” combined with a bad case of Cabin Fever, might lure me out to wet my line during the winter months. I need a day with a high of at least 50 degrees, and not much wind. I will then go out for an hour or two in the warmest part of the afternoon, and if no feeding fish are seen I may never step into the water. Just walking along the banks and watching the stream and the life in and around it, getting some fresh air and mild exercise, is a worthwhile endeavor.

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