The Art and History of Fly Tying

Fred Klein Author, Fly tyer and fisher of early traditional flies. Fly fishing historian, author and speaker.

My journey in pursuit of trout with the fly began 45 years ago with a new fly rod and instructions to cast and drift a fly. What a gift that was. The woods and waters of Pennsylvania, the Appalachian Mountains and beyond have brought a life of admiration for the wilderness,
forests, wildlife, and a thirst for “what lies beyond the next bend in the stream and over the mountain.”

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The Eggie Special

Guest Blogger: Paul Beel, Frankenfly

Eggie Bugby
Eggie Bugby

The Eggie Special is a classic Michigan dry fly that was designed by a Grayling, Michigan fly fishing legend, Eggie Bugby. This fly is known throughout the area, but intricate details have been difficult to solidify. Until now.

I noticed one day last year that fly fisherman and former guide, Robert Woodland, posted a photo of the Eggie Special tied by the late Bob Smock, another legendary fly tyer from Grayling. I thought this might be a correct version, but it wasn’t.

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