NEW! Anvil USA Fly Tying Scissors

anvil logo1New at J. Stockard, an expanded range of Anvil USA fly tying scissors. Anvil (and its predecessor companies) have been in the shear manufacturing business for over 325 years! All their fly tying scissors are precision machined to provide years of high performance. All these scissors are ice-tempered, feature comfortable vinyl-coated loops and are finished and packaged in the USA. We’re now stocking five different styles that meet a variety of fly tying needs:

Anvil Fine Point 4 1/4" Straight Scissors
Anvil Fine Point 4 1/4″ Straight Scissors

Fine Point 4 1/4″ Straight Scissors
Fine Point 4 1/4″ Curved Scissors

Ultimate 4 1/4″ Straight Scissors
Fine Point 3 1/4″ Straight Scissors
Ultimate Taperizer 4 1/4″ Multi-tooth Scissors


All About Fly Tying Scissors

Tungsten Carbide Arrow Scissors from Dr. Slick
Tungsten Carbide Arrow Scissors from Dr. Slick

There are so many varieties of fly tying scissors available that choosing a pair can be confusing. We’ll attempt to explain the different styles and shed some light on picking out the right scissors for your needs. As you read this, keep in mind that choosing the right scissors has a lot to do with personal preference. Many styles have the same size blades, but there are some offerings that work a little better for certain situations.

All Purpose Scissors, as the name suggests, are designed for a range of cutting needs. Similar to Hair Scissors, they measure 4 inches long overall whereas Hair Scissors are 4 ½ inches long. This can make a difference, depending on the bulk or thickness of material you are cutting. Since All Purpose Scissors have the same blades as Hair Scissors, you can use them for deer hair and other natural materials if needed. However you want Hair Scissors to remain as sharp as possible, so it is a good idea to only use them for that purpose only and nothing else. That way they remain sharp and you get a smoother cut when cutting natural materials such as deer hair.

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