Fun With Foam

funwithfoam3Guest Blogger: Jonathan M. Lagasse

Have you longed for pure joy of a top water take but cringe at the thought of droppingĀ $60 on a dry fly cape? I found myself wanting… craving the visual euphoria that is induced by a dry being slurped under by a hungry fish, but couldn’t bring myself to open my wallet to do so. Nonetheless the itch needed to be scratched and so I needed other means to fish on top. The search began like any reasonable person in their early 30’s, I googled it, and was promptly introduced to foam. Now I’m sure that’s a dirty word to some folks, but for me it was music to my ears. We don’t have a traditional fly shop in my neck of the woods, so off to the Mart of Wally (Gasp again, I know). I purchased 50 sheets of craft foam for $4.99, and a 99 cent spinner bait that had a very nice round rubber stranded skirt. The foam beetle is a very popular pattern and is for the most part one color so I decided to start there. I’ll get this out of the way now.

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