Hooked on Grayling – A Guide To Grayling Fishing

Guest Blogger:
Richard Fieldhouse

Did you know that the grayling is called the ‘Lady of the Stream’? With those distinct markings on the dorsal fin and a blush of golds, blues and pinks on their heads, it’s no wonder why grayling fish were coined this term. The grayling is a species of freshwater fish that are a particularly popular option for fly fishing during the autumn and winter period, when grayling are at their peak.

Grayling fishing really does come into its own and if you know what you’re looking for and where to look for it, you’ll be able to start enjoying the grayling season sooner rather than later. Whether you’re a regular fisher and missing your trout fishing or you haven’t tried fishing for grayling before, we’ve got the perfect infographic to guide you through the grayling fishing season and everything you need to know.

Grayling Fishing Season

Grayling fishing is the perfect way to extend your fly fishing beyond the trout season! The grayling spawning season begins and ends in spring while the trout’s season begins in late autumn and ends in early winter. Both these factors make grayling extremely popular for fly fishing during autumn and winter.

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One Last Cast

onelastcastDuff2Guest Blogger: Caleb Duff, Laramie, WY

A few months ago I started fishing the North Crow Reservoir near Cheyenne, Wyoming on and off. I had never had much luck and only brought home one or two rainbow each day if I was lucky. I had much better luck at lakes closer to town but I was determined to figure this lake out. North Crow is one of the more remote lakes of the area and I’ve rarely seen another soul there despite being full of splake, grayling and rainbow. In fact, in 2011 a 13.6-pound splake was pulled from the depths of this reservoir making a new, and still standing, state record. Neither the rising trout nor the prospect of a record-breaking fish could do anything other than add to my frustration.

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